Will Ford

Automotive and Transport Design

Bayerische Motoren Werke have been at the forefront of the sports car industry since their first in the early 60s, perfecting their craft for 6 decades.

The Synapse encapsulates this success with its ‘Light weight, big impact’ (BMW Group Site, 2023) attitude, taking BMW back to their roots when motoring was a no frills, engaging experience designed to pleasure and excite, one to tingle all the senses. Every car had its unique characteristics which made them so special and memorable.
Celebrating the internal combustion engine and constant developments of alternate fuels, giving them the new lease of life, they deserve. For those who want to step out of line and make a splash.

Pairing modern reliability, economy, and creature comforts with the ease of maintenance and simplicity associated with classic vehicles. Bridging the gap between BMW’s infamous M division and the traditional roster, designed to fit both the enthusiast and general motorist alike at a price attractive to everyone.
An automobile to be cherished for decades to come.