“In patriarchal motherhood, it is assumed (and expected) that all women want to be mothers (essentialisation), that maternal ability and mother love are innate to all mothers (naturalisation), and that all mothers find joy and purpose in motherhood (idealisation).” (O’Reilly, 2021, p.567). 

 #mumlife is the resulting installation from the exploration of personal conflicting emotions and ambivalence towards mothering and the domestic space.  It comments on how patriarchal motherhood regulates, restrains, confines and defines how women should perceive and practice mothering. By stitching, layering, piecing, exposing, repairing and patching the artist begins to untangle and reconstruct complicated and contradictory feelings, such as love, hate, resentment, joy, guilt, comfort, frustration, boredom and empowerment.  

Much of the work has been a collaboration between mother and daughter with an emphasis on ‘learning through play’. 

Materials: Thread, cotton calico, repurposed garments, hand-dyed textiles, hand-printed textiles, tea, cyanotype, found objects, cotton wadding, wood, elastic cords, clamps, metal fixings. 

200 x 200 x 200cm.