Steffan Phillips


About Steffan

Architecture has been a joy and has made me realise how much Architecture influences the way we live today, and the affect it can have on our lifestyles and well-being. I hope to be an asset to this change and develop ideas to improve future developments.

In my work, I like to integrate nature into design, focusing on the journey through buildings and the arrangements to make the most of each space. Since it is our human nature to explore our senses, I feel it is our responsibility to continuously look for new ways to provide a stimulating built environment – both on the exterior and on the interior.

My final year project is a Sculpture Park and Art Museum situated in Pontypridd. The museum will include art and sculptures from local artists and sculptors Christopher Langley and Cerith Wyn Evans. They have come together with Pontypridd Museum and the Federations of Museum and Art Galleries of Wales to provide an additional museum to promote Pontypridd’s heritage and culture by showcasing historical pieces from/about Pontypridd. The museum will also provide an outdoor sculpture park called ‘The Woodland Avenue’. At the end of this avenue I have proposed a bridge over the River Taff to Ynysangharad Park.