This collection has been designed to help raise awareness of animal conservation in a unique form using stained glass. The technique required to make these pieces are a combination of chemical reactions within the kiln and the substances used, using a traditional painting method called nib work to illustrate the creatures onto the glass.  

This collection shows how the beauty of the animal kingdom is beginning to fade away and their existence is falling into darkness though the loss of their natural habitat with deforestation, hunting, and pollution slowly choking the life of our planet.  This is along with other things that have been caused by the progression of industry.  

The glow represents the light of the species as it struggles against the imminent darkness and devastation.  I hope that this collection of my work has illuminated the beauty that can be found within endangered species as they are represented in a new light and format.  I wish to raise awareness of the animals that are currently being taken from the world unless there is more action invoked to protect their lives for them to flourish.   

The installation aims to immerse you in the dark creating a sensory room filled with the glowing light depicting cherished creatures that need to be protected.  

Around the world we have lost many of our animals and the ones we have left need to be protected, consider looking into organisations and donating towards ‘WWF’, ‘Oceana’, ‘Rewild’, ‘WCS’, ‘Sea shepherd’ and many more to help make a difference to the world.