‘Traces of Time within, between and without…’ 

A poetic gathering space where human and plant are intertwined; intimately entangled in a perpetual state of evolving and devolving from and to merely a trace. There are edges and layers of construction and deconstruction, where matter and object, inherited, foraged and found, fray and fold: some loosening, some unfolding, then refolding in a continual evolution of change and movement. 

It is a symbiotic space where body, mind and matter nestle, shift and submerge. Plant and human dip in and out, evaporating and deteriorating, revealing and concealing the hidden hues of our landscape. Cloth, clay and plant form a hybrid space; suspended and fused together, accepting the beauty of loss and age; assisted by alchemy, time and elemental forces: where everything is slower, lower down at ground level. 

An invitation to linger, to come a little closer, immerse yourself step by step within the diurnal, seasonal rhythms and rituals. Permitting ourselves to pause and tend, to alter perspectives tangibly held in the palm of your hand. These are slow, sculpted biomorphic offerings, exchanged back to nature; continually metamorphosising to begin again and again… 


Titles for work:  

‘Linger with the grass…everything is slower, lower down’ (2022) – Low table and suspended installation 

‘Interludes with Madder’ (2022) – Mountain to ground installation in stairwell.