Not Everything Will Kill You,

So Choose Something Fun Proactive.

This body of work encapsulates my experience documenting protests and other socio-political gatherings over the span of 4 years, taking place mostly in Britain but also briefly in America and France.

Much of what we consider to be real comes from our rational ability to perceive and understand, anything too complex or paramount in nature becomes cryptic. Objects, whether physical, moral, intellectual, metaphysical, spiritual, or aesthetic that enters the territory of the infinite, or considered ‘iridescent chaos’ contain elements of the sublime.

The sublime can be reached only when exposed to that which is either so intense in power or scale that it could overwhelm the viewer, and this work aims to reach this.

In addition to focusing on sublime elements within protests, this work contains themes that are seen as peaceful (albeit disruptive), and becomes an exploratory research into the similarities that bind rapidly fluid groups of people and the unpredictable energy that ensues.

Moreover, combining notions of instant gratification, distance-in-proximity, and allegorical concepts such as Allegory of the Cave, I have attempted to visualize that we live in a world of two-dimensional chaos from the comfort of our social media outlets. It is only after breaking free of this allegorical cave and experiencing this chaos first-hand that we can truly understand what the sublime represents.