Reuben Dutch


About Reuben

I am an enthusiastic individual with a strong interest in, and an aptitude for, Architecture. I am very creative and have an eye for detail. I have a particular interest in residential Architecture. I can think three-dimensionally and have good spatial awareness. This has allowed me to design complicated, but realistic, conceptual schemes. I have had architectural design work experience in practice. I have also had the practical experience of designing and helping to build a temporary garden building.


I have recently completed the RIBA student mentor scheme. This consisted of online sessions where I was taken through a variety of processes that are commonplace in the professional office. My mentor was a member of the Cardiff based Sustainable Studio Architects practice


I have also had extensive informal experience designing and building bespoke furniture as my father is a cabinet maker. I therefore have a good knowledge and understanding of ergonomics and the importance of useability.


For my final project I have designed a Japanese inspired restaurant and culinary school with a soy sauce production facility that provides public tours. The building is so named Shoyu which translates to Soy Sauce in Japanese.  The project is in Pontypridd and forms part of my masterplan proposal.