The complexities of the human mind have always fascinated me. In recent years I have found myself developing an obsession with the spectrum of human emotion and the dazzling highs, lows and episodes of nonchalance that preoccupy our headspace. ‘… and Desire’ has led my artwork in an entirely new direction. I wanted to explore the impact of commercialism on our desires and how it dictates our lives, often leaving us unsatisfied and slaves to endless consumption. It appears to me that in the age of social media, there is an unspoken pressure to commercialise oneself as a clean, unwavering brand rather than embracing the messy, complicated collection of ideologies that actually make up our identities as individuals. This piece serves as an exploration into the effect the media and modern advertising has on our desires and how we attempt to project ourselves to the outside world. I do not wish to say anything in particular, rather I want to urge viewers to look inside of themselves for the answers to any questions that may arise post consuming the artwork.