Going to University was always an ambition of mine, but having children at a young age put this on hold. At the age of thirty-three, I decided that now was my time. It was a big step to give up work, and make huge changes to not only my life, but also my family’s. Everyone has been right behind me all the way. 

I studied Creative Advertising because I have always considered myself a creative person and I liked that the course covered a vast array of different communication techniques. Every part of the course was engaging and immensely enjoyable.  

My three years of study did not come without challenges. Covid made university life very different, and not to mention having a baby between my second and third year! However, with hard work and determination, along with my brilliant lecturers, I have now successfully completed my studies.  

My confidence has grown considerably, and I have learnt so many new and exciting skills. My intention for the future is to find employment in a company or business that focuses on creative advertising. I want to continue using my new learnt skills and work my way up the ladder to a bigger and better future for myself and my family.