Nature bursts into life, sun shining at its brightest, brightening our day with nature blooming all around us, birds singing, bees pollinating and butterflies propelling through the fresh air elegantly flying around, sweet fruits and flourishing flowers. A pleasant moment that captivated us emotionally and interacted with our senses. A poetically perfect summers day which my collection showcases.  

Summer bloom escapism is full of wonder and beauty, aspired by the beautified nature of life combined with fine detail drawings and contemporary, abstract, loose florals to portray, the language of gestural marks, form, and colour and to create a contrast between two different forms of art.   

A collection that is fragrant, magical and blooming full of summers beauty. Featuring garden blooms within the Summer season, insects and organic, juicy fruit captivating our senses and indulging our imagination with the beauty and feels of summer.