The basic principle of her work is to separate the self from the integral ending to our existence. The entirety of her fine art practice thus far orbits around the principle of the human condition in its entirety. Having a close relationship with death has allowed her to become well acquainted with the mortality of all things. The body of her work being a therapeutic attempt to process her life thus far and to come to peace with the idea of passing.  

Currently her work is centred around scanography, as the act of placing the medium onto the glass and watching a white light slide underneath the assemblage has allowed her to emotionally detach herself from the process of living and dying.  

By reducing the dimension of the objects allows the subjects to take on a whole new persona. Her work aims to recognise the impermanence of all things including life. Her goal is to provoke viewers and to steer them into her own state of being, to feel the fear of the unknown and to feel the terror of the known.