Megan Wozencroft is a Welsh artist working with alternative photographic techniques to explore and bring awareness to the environmental issues our world is currently facing. Within her practice, her foremost aim is to inspire the spectator to make sustainable lifestyle choices to support our environment. Her practice often consists of experimenting with new materials and processes to explore new techniques and ways to present her work – mostly working within nature to seek its endless photographic possibilities. 

Her final major project, ‘Traces of the Tide’, explores the concept of the sea and our environment. Due to climate change, sea levels are set to rise dramatically over the next 30 years – targeting most coast-lines across South Wales. With the use of recycled light sensitive photographic paper, the cyanotype prints were created with natural resources – such as sea water and sunlight. Each image was taken from a different location along the coastlines that will potentially be affected in the future. The image will ever so slightly alter over time due to the light sensitive paper – correlating with the sea levels and our climate crisis.