The body of work ‘hers’ explores erasure in the family album, curated by four generations of women. Influenced by various theoretical perspectives, this body of work focuses on bringing the physical to the forefront. Barthes’ concept of ‘punctum’ fits well with this project, the image becomes almost unimportant, it is the physicality of the photograph that punctures you. Derrida’s concept of ‘sous rature’, is best explained as something not being erased, but crossed out and still remains. Applying not only this concept to my work, but something Barthes’ talks about in his essay The Rhetoric Of The Image. The ‘denoted image’, he believes the ‘pure’ photograph is “an object that is here-now in the present” and “connects to something that indisputably existed in the past”. The photographs in this body of work existed in life before mine, but also exist here and now, connecting me to the past and future. The family album becomes more than just a collection of images, it is now a reflection of generations before me, helping curate and influence the future and how it is perceived. In this work the surface has become more important than the image, as it shows a collaboration of love and life of four generations of women, all who have curated the family album. Through three photo albums and a hanging print, the story of my family history can be seen under erasure.