Karen McRobbie


About Karen

Karen enjoys working with a range of both traditional and digital media. She relishes opportunities to experiment and explore materials and techniques, and her illustrations reveal her rigorous and purposeful approach, balancing innovation with execution. 

Storytelling is a key element in Karen’s work; it informs her narrative projects, editorials, her fine art illustrations and designs for the retail sector. She’s written and developed characters for her own narratives, creating picture books on a variety of themes that have included challenging topics such as depression and bullying, as well as comical children’s stories.  

Karen is passionate about figurative work. She enjoys portraiture, creating characters employing expressions and poses that enhance the narrative. She has a keen interest in illustrating natural history subjects. Her botanical illustrations and illustrations of moths and butterflies are often portrayed with a dark aesthetic style, adorned with nostalgic embellishment. 

Karen enjoys working as a volunteer, designing, and painting murals for a homeless project called, The Shoreline project.  She has exhibited work at, Y Lle Celf, the Welsh National Eisteddfod and at The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery in Swansea. She is also involved in the development of a Welsh language art website funded by the Welsh government.