Cavanagh’s music and artwork frequently convey narratives about the land, myths and legends, folklore and magic and are a merging of the ancient with the contemporary. Her art practice explores the symbiotic relationship between woman and earth in an age where capitalist globalisation has created a divide between humans and nature.  

Multiple indigenous cultural beliefs consider the earth as female, mother, woman and acknowledge this understanding as paramount to wellbeing. Relationship to woman is synonymous with relationship to earth, apparent in objectification and the exploitation of planet. Ceremony and ritual may restore, heal, and redress this imbalance, historically incorporating multi-disciplinary arts, embodiment, and connection with earth. Her body of work seeks the possibility of an authentic re-wilding process, de-colonialism through valuing indigenous wisdom, ceremonial interaction, and the use of natural and recycled materials. Arts facilitation allows participation, connection, creation and a slowing down and dropping in that engages the body mind connection i.e. Embodiment.