My Individual Major Project attacks the forever developing problem of modern society – a rapidly advancing world of technology, in which we have never been so connected with each other, yet never as disconnected from our true-selves. We are becoming an indoor species, detached from our emotions, and senses, due to lack of interaction with nature… 

 Being within nature has a host of benefits on our mind, body, and soul. This is known as “Eco-Therapy”. It has been proven that being by the ocean, slows down heart rate, reduces stress, and improves sleep. Yet we are destroying our planet. The first and most important step to saving our planet, is to start appreciating and understanding natures fragility, and its importance to our health. 

 Through design, how can I connect people to nature and enjoy a host of benefits on their mental and physical health? 

 …PRANA, the Eco-Therapy Charter Yacht.