Jack Bond

Automotive and Transport Design

Rivian emerged onto the automotive scene back in 2009 – and has described itself as a ‘ vehicle technology company’ with its principal focus being autonomy and electric. It launched its first models – the R1T and the R1S – in 2021 and they have been widely regarded as revolutionary fully electric Truck and SUV models designed with the goal of ‘preserving the natural world’ whilst having a look which provokes the idea of adventure. Such values fit well with my personal aspirations for vehicle design – the concept of exploration with an eye for the environment, to sustain life and enchant future generations. I aim to capture the benefits of autonomous driving, allowing the passenger experience to be all about customising an environment to suit their journey and the adventure that lies ahead.

My concept – named the ‘ALFV-IE’ – is an acronym of Autonomous, Luxury, Family and Vehicle – with the aim of using the name to describe the experience – all the time keeping it in line with Rivian’s design language and company ethos.