Ionut Marius Rosu


About Ionut

When I think of myself, I`ve always thought that I started from the bottom and I`m working my way to the top.

I started in life in another part of the world and grew up without running water or other amenities that many people take for granted. But this was a good lesson to work hard and embrace opportunity.

Making the decision to come to another country opened new opportunities; working in the construction industry showed me I can do anything. I started from the bottom and advanced to supervising positions. When this no longer proved a challenge, I took up studying architecture.

My final year project is ‘Back to the Future for Pontypridd’; a Mining and Petrology Museum, which explores the history of Mining in Wales and the immediate area of Pontypridd. It forms part of my Masterplan concept for Pontypridd, which extends the towns cultural quarter for the benefit of the residents through enhancement of the area.

My development sketches show the process of designing the building, while the final renders, section and plans illustrate a building which not only presents the mining history of the area, and the minerals found here, but also gives people an emblematic building.