“Cloth Constructed Landscapes” is a textiles collection which explores the feeling of ‘magic’ that is felt through tactility and surface. The magic of when a touch becomes tactile and that reciprocity when the object is being touched and the person is being touched by the object, both metaphorically and literally. Inspired by blissful moments of crashing waves and cloud filled skies, “Cloth Constructed Landscapes” captures luscious landscapes through materiality which delight the eye and the hand. 

Over the next few years, I will gain design and industry knowledge through internships and placements. I would love to keep being a hands-on designer, spending my time in a studio printing and fabric dyeing.

Surface pattern design is all around us, in everything we see. It shapes our mood and forms the climate of the environment. What I love most about surface pattern is how we can use it as a superpower to construct and apply a narrative through colour and materiality which completely changes how the sense of place is experienced.