It’s Not Rocket Science  

‘It’s Not Rocket Science’: Care for Contemporary Creatives examines care in relation to creative careers: How can we care for ourselves as contemporary creative professionals? 

 Embracing a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to explore the theme of ‘care’, this semi-autobiographical series of work draws upon Wilde’s personal experiences as well as the thoughts of other practising illustrators. Humorous, character-driven, typographic illustrations create a bold and colourful backdrop for contemporary concerns surrounding the pursuit of a creative career and are intended to create a sense of community in what is usually a solitary career path. 

 Wilde has strived to infuse ‘care’ into every aspect of the project: care for the planet, care for the self, and care for others. Consequently, risograph printing was used as much as possible, hands were rested, and the workload was diversified. 

 (Risograph prints)