My names is Evangelos James Manolikas and I am bilingual Greek Automotive Design Student. Scuderia Ferrari is a car company with a rich automotive history and racing legacy. 2022 marks the 75th anniversary of Scuderia Ferrari and its history. This design aims to embrace the companies heritage and represent what it stands for. Speed, luxury and racing. Named after the historic racing even in Italy the Targa Florio Vision GT is a road legal race car that I have designed for both drivers and gamers whilst promoting the sustainability of the combustion engine. I envisage this design to be included as part of the vision car lineup in the Gran Turismo Racing Series. 

My 3 years of study on the Automotive design course at UWTSD have culminated into this project – A Single seater road legal race car designed for both physical and digital worlds to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Scuderia Ferrari and its racing legacy whilst promoting alternative fuels in order to save the combustion engine.