Emily Carter

Product & Furniture Design

About Emily

I am a young, fresh and driven Product and Furniture Designer from South Wales. I have studied Product Design since age 15 and am most passionate about designing products for those with a disability, especially females with disabilities. My skill set includes using Adobe software and 3D CAD modelling. I tend to be more of a traditional pen on paper designer as I have strong sketching skills and find that this is the best method for communicating my designs. I then draw out my ideas and transfer them into a digital medium in order to really focus on the development of my work. I have worked with multiple clients during my degree, ranging from furniture for Orangebox, a Braille toy for Tomy and a children’s nightlight for IKEA. My real passion lies within my most recent project, Sasha, where I was able to combine inclusivity with convenience by designing a tampon applicator that can be used whilst seated.