I am greatly inspired by nature and all its beautiful forms and love bringing it into my artwork. I mainly design for an interior context but try to make my work versatile to fit different contexts such as fashion, giftware and stationery too.  

My ideas and inspiration for my Major project have stemmed from our much-loved family garden. Truly celebrating its full, botanic nature I wanted to create a vibrant and luxurious body of work. My collection is made up of carefully designed wallpapers and textiles for interiors. It features detailed print, vivid colour and scale. I really enjoy the initial drawing stage of my design process the most. I love painting, especially with watercolours and gouache. I love how I can then turn my drawings into real products and prints. It’s so exciting to go through the design stages and see the real results.  

In 5 years’ time I hope to have established a ‘nature inspired’ pattern design signature, and would love to work in either a design team at an interiors company or be self-employed, designing and creating fun products full of joyous colour and pattern.