Dione Jones is a South Wales-based mixed media artist who works predominantly with alternative photographic processes and self-portraiture. Jones’ explores the “self” often concerning themes of gender-performance, identity, body, and change through their own perspective and experience as a nonbinary, queer artist. 


Their work utilises various photographic processes and plays with these to create surreal, dreamy and ambiguous imagery. 


“The camera is a mask, a tool I use to play with reality, separating myself from my form and then reconnecting it again. A barrier between myself and my inability to articulate in words the state of my being. Hiding parts, exposing parts, eluding parts. Performing, my body pulled into positions, captured and immortalised. Creating dreamscapes and false realities that do not exist to navigate my own reality. Motion and stillness, rest and unrest. Disconnecting my body from myself, the difficulty to feel at home in a body that at times doesn’t reflect how you may see yourself. My practice is deeply personal, shaped completely by my attempts to bring to life the complicated emotions I have surrounding myself and the world around me. In my attempts, I wonder if others find comfort and/or solidarity in my imagery.”