Hidden away from the public, 

From the objectifications and imperfections 

the marks and her body, 

is the Living Embodiment of a Woman. 

Her internal essence split in three, 

As she follows her path to individuation,  

A process for all,  

To discover her true self. 

Who she is. 

Not, what you see. 

Influenced by art history the concept of the male gaze, Ymgorfforiad Byw (Living Embodiment) invites the viewer to reflect on the imagery that challenging the disconnection and disruption between identity and the female body. Showcased through a triptych multi-media video instillation, this piece of work uses three mental archetypes from Carl Jung’s theory ‘The Map of the Soul’ known as the shadow, ego and persona to represent some emotional aspects of my personality.  

Instillation images and videos will be available to see on my website, as the video presented here was projected at a larger scale onto fabric.