My ideas and inspirations for my major project have derived from my personal interest and attraction to the natural environment around me. During research trips, I discovered a fascination for the many textures within our environment leading me to focus on biological surfaces and botanical forms to influence my designs. Looking at the current and future trends,  I found that neon brights and electro deeps were colours to watch out for within the fashion industry- mixed with abstract prints and futuristic feels. Using this I used colour, form and texture to magnify an otherworldly mood through my designs. As I was drawn to 2 separate colour palettes, I decided to separate my collection into “day and night”, focusing on the style of garment and material used in each – looking at lightweight silks such as twill and habotai for the day, and satin, devore pieces for the night. The silk materials showed the radiance in colour I wanted within my collection, also reflecting the summer hue present within the summer months.