The ambition with Project 0 is to design and create a truly climate neutral car by 2030, achieved by making changes from a linear economy to a circular economy whilst pushing forward perceptions of premium. Using and applying our power as designers to take sustainable materials and solutions and apply them in a product people aspire to use. To take design choices and consider how they can be re-usable, re-engineerable and recyclable in a commitment towards circularity. This transparency towards a climate neutral product, acts as a demonstration to the world that there is a different way of doing things, to innovate and create in a way which benefits the end user and the planet. Being able to design cars is a great privilege, and I wanted to design a truly desirable product that embodies this feeling. Project 0 is an apex vehicle which I envision in 2030 to be the halo car of Polestar. A design which encapsulates their ethos of Pure, Progressive, Performance. Making use of cutting-edge technologies and scientific principals to be the purest extension of the Polestar brand.