Don’t Fear the Pussy 

 Don’t Fear the Pussy is a project that promotes the normalisation of the female body, specifically the vulva. It takes the form of a digital, illustrated self-help book that guides the reader through information, personal stories and journal prompts in the aim of self-acceptance.  

 In the digital age there is a vast amount of information that young girls can access through their phones. Much of the information out there is false and can add to the body shame young girls already go through. Don’t Fear the Pussy embraces technology and debunks false information you find online. As an ebook, it is both easily accessible whilst also discreet. Not everyone, especially young girls, are ready to talk about their bodies. So, in contrast to a hardcopy, which reveals exactly what is being read, it can be viewed privately on a phone.  

 Throughout the book, the artist’s autobiographical voice talks to the reader in a conversational manner to create a safe, welcoming environment for young girls to explore their insecurities.