Situated within a betwixt, liminal space of disorientating circumstance, Caitlin Littlejohns’ work unearths personal emotions, connecting them to pertinent life moments and memories. Feelings of elation, angst, longing, and frustration are explored to gain deeper insight into the self. Such considerations of the self are not easy, nor are they stumbled upon by chance. Rather, they present themselves, often in the most peculiar ways. A thought, an utterance, absurdities, silences, solitude, breakdowns.  

 The decision to pursue installation and text within the work signifies a timely change, a maturation, a taking hold. So much more than creating work with a preconceived outcome, Littlejohns alludes that “at the heart of this work is ME. At its upmost its purpose is internally and indefinitely MINE.” Ensuring that the self and the works are connected is paramount. An honesty and truth to oneself is crucial. 

For the artist, the installation can be seen as an attempt to conjure up thoughts around the intangible factors of her psyche. Reductive works in quality, materiality and a connection to surface are vital. Manipulating material with a sensitivity of touch, she remains true to them in their most direct state. Pushing the contradictions, connections, and oppositions within the complexity of expressing human emotion.