Brandon Roberts


About Brandon

Hello, I am Brandon. An enthusiastic architecture student that thrives on the challenges and opportunities of becoming a well-rounded Architect. The impact the role can have on the day-to-day lives of people, along with the responsibilities a designer has to the environment, drives my passion for the subject.

My aim is to become a conservation Architect and a key driver for the recognition of historical architecture, and the importance of preservation, retrofit and reuse has on our climate goals.

I came from a poor family background, where the odds were against me but to be in the position I am in now means a great deal to myself, and I aim to continue to fight against hardship to achieve my dreams.

My final year project is The Herman Arts Centre, a homage to the Welsh coal mining industry through local artworks produced by Josef Herman and Nicolas Evans. Both of which aided in the development of the brief and architectural language. The centre formed part of my masterplan in Pontypridd which provides a new extension to the commercial centre that aims to enhance the cultural and social attraction to the area, opening opportunities for new development in the area.