Bethan Johnson

Product & Furniture Design

About Bethan

Hello, I’m Bethan Johnson. I’m a final year BA Product and Furniture Design student based in Swansea. With a strong passion for the problem solving and critical thinking to design, ‘LIFEAIDER’ was brought to life as part of my major project. I approach Design with a focus on the problem that is to be solved and thrive on challenging every decision I make to ensure the best ones are made with purpose. A well-executed product design should always centre around the user(s) which led to my high interest in anthropometric data and ergonomic studies ensuring designs to always be accurate. I have a strong and positive experience on most model making machines including the CNC machine, professional spray painting, Fusion360 and CAD modelling. Standing by the belief that design shapes our understanding of the world and experience with in it, I feel a responsibility to consider all aspects to how the product will make an impact on the world and its’ chosen environment and the people within it.