Ben Howells


About Ben

My name is Ben Howells and I have just completed my Part 1 architecture degree at Swansea School of Architecture (UWTSD). My passion within design derives from my ambitions to help and care for others. This is demonstrated within my work as I attempt to create schemes that facilitate sustainable spaces and places that are inclusive, universally accessible and enhance the Health and Wellbeing of occupants. My background in law and experience project managing a project from stage 0 has enhanced my ability to apply practical skills within my work. In the future I hope to achieve my lifelong ambition of becoming a Humanitarian Architect.


For my final project I designed an Aquaponic Centre in Pontypridd which provides a sustainable solution for sourcing locally grown produce. The steep topography of Pontypridd and inconsistent climate makes it difficult for produce to be grown in the area. This is applicable to many areas across the world, resulting in food shortages in many cases. Aquaponics, urban farming and controlled environment design are not new methods, however, such systems are typically hidden in industrial buildings. This project aims to educate and demonstrates the processes within the architecture of the building.