Fear – society should fear empowered women. They should fear women in the fashion industry. Objectifying a woman’s body in the fashion industry must end. Our body is a temple it should be feared. A woman’s body creates life. These images, I have captured of these spikes signify the fierceness of women in the fashion world. Let us embrace beauty instead of sexualizing mother nature’s creation. Inspired by artists/photographers such as Rebeca Horn and Tim Walker I created extensions of the body and presented it in a gloomy punk style. The spike cones were rolled out with paper which then was wrapped in black duct tape, then supported by a cardboard armour for the right side of the body. To keep the extensions of the spikes running through the body, I replicated them once again in a smaller scale as claws. The black paint, and structure of the tape all added a touch to the daunting vibes of this piece.