As a teenager I loved art, it was my favourite subject in school, I spent hours drawing and painting at home many of these paintings I still have today, hidden away in a memory box.

After leaving school and starting a career art took a backseat in life, until the late 90’s when I bought a canon Ixus camera and started taking half decent images, this led onto buying my first second hand SLR camera and eventually the digital equivalent.

I was happy snapping friends and family until one day a friend suggested I capture her wedding, as I took a decent photograph and there, by accident, I became a wedding photographer alongside my fulltime job.

During this time I learned fast how to capture events and weddings and after retiring in 2017 I decided that the time was right to take my photography further and in a new direction by applying to do Documentary Photography and Visual Activism at UWTSD Swansea College of Art. The last three years have opened my eyes to new ideas and ways of photographing people and final degree show images reflect the journey I have been on.