Aneurin James


About Aneurin

I have always enjoyed the way design can be implemented within our everyday lives and how it can positively affect the way in which we live day to day. Architecture provides us with the opportunity to apply knowledge thoughtfully to provide a solution through the medium of design.   My projects reflect a consistent approach and one that I have carried into current practice experiences. This design approach is one that pays particular attention to scale and spatial arrangement, a response to context and the treatment of materials.


For my final project I designed a Waterway Research and Education Centre, situated adjacent to the River Taff In Pontypridd.  Its proximity to the river is central to the function of the building – purifying river water its primary function. A purification process that is showcased step by step by tanks that are suspended within the central atrium.

The proposal adopts a clear language and one that is centred around a fabric first approach providing the scheme with its sustainability credentials.  The language of the proposed scheme has been expressed through the process of building a full-scale model to test materiality and the buildability of construction details.