A blueprint to commercialisation  

The work I am exhibiting are a duo of products designed to be used by children to encourage their emotional, social, and cognitive development. Together, these tools are shaped to complement and assist with practical life activities. Linking play and education for future adventures. Both products are underpinned by the exploration and discovery of their commercial potential, the commercialisation into their respective field.  

PreMedPrep is a children’s medical preparation toy that aims to reduce the anxieties and fears children experience in the lead up to blood tests. The purpose of the interactive toy is to utilise visual-based learning to provide emotional and cognitive support to children. It’s an innovative and enjoyable method of conducting ‘medical prep’, that is not currently available to medical practitioners. Designed for injection moulding, the device is made from various plastics suitable for medical environments.  

Build & Ride is a children’s balance bike that engages users with practical STEM learning outcomes. Children can build their first bike and control the construction process using the 10-step assembly guide included. Children will benefit from enhanced cognitive skills, improved hand-to-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Once fully assembled, the child can proudly ride the bike they built. Manufactured using CNC machining, the bike frames are made from coloured laminated plywood with complementary 3D printed plastic components.