Kienan Green

Automotive and Transport Design

Pininfarina provides integrated solutions in different fields, from automotive to architecture, from smart products to retail. (Pininfarina Official Site, 2023). Pininfarina Stile Di Vita (Lifestyle) is a concept that explores the symbiosis of Nature against AI whilst pushing Pininfarina’s Design Language into the future. It’s a fully autonomous vehicle which allow people to reach a positive state of mindfulness to heighten creativity, in a mundane task such as sitting in traffic. The exterior represents a vision for future cities lead by autonomy, whilst in contrast the interior celebrates a luxurious healing space inspired by Nature. 

My goal was to create a vehicle that was so unique that takes full advantage of the unusual. Stile Di Vita is a stripped back piece of design, and the result is the purest form, where the usual tendencies of any vehicle have been eliminated entirely.