MA Contemporary Dialogues offers a unique postgraduate experience, as artists and designers from multiple specialist pathways benefit from a research environment of interdisciplinary learning. This year is unique as most of the exhibitors are full-time students who would normally exhibit and complete in January. Due to the pandemic, they were offered the chance to extend their final praxis projects until now.  

A difficult decision with a group this large is coming up with an exhibition name on which everybody agrees. We agreed on an inadvertently mentioned idea, simply – ‘Something Collective’ – with the hope that it may help us, as a disparate group of artists and lockdown strangers, to do… Something Collective. We believe Something Collective have produced something excellent. 

The group have overcome significant restrictions with resilience and creativity to produce a remarkable range of diverse, provocative and forward-thinking works that deftly reflect the ethos and philosophy of the programme. 

Cath Brown & Hamish Gane  

Programme Managers – MA Contemporary Dialogues