Preparing to set sail, navigating perhaps by the stars that represent them here in graphic form, these graduates have been forged in tough times. Indeed, it has been an ‘all in the same boat’ camaraderie that has helped carry us through the storm together, kept afloat by a shared love of the graphic language by which we communicate.  

In a volatile, polarized world, it is heartening that so many projects on display here show the students finding deep, powerful voices of their own, proudly shouting out Graphic Design’s ability to inform, confront and clarify.  

But it’s not all revolution. Hard-hitting projects are balanced with unashamed commercial confidence – the emotional and the rational are covered with equal design intelligence and finesse. The hi-tech and the low-tech are valued equally, where a mastery of software can sometimes be less important than the joy of inky fingers or the smell of spray paint.  

The studios will certainly be quieter without them, and we will miss their company, conversation and laughter. They leave the harbour of Swansea College of Art with our best wishes and highest hopes, wherever the breeze or ambition may carry them. Please join us in celebrating their collective creativity – they are about to Disperse.

Disperse Exhibition

Staff Team 
BA (Hons) Graphic Design