Design Crafts & Glass

Made In...

We are proud to present the graduates of ’22 from BA Design Crafts and BA Glass graduates for the ‘Made In…’ showcase.  

The show is an eclectic mix of work well executed by this group of new exciting makers.  This is the first real life exhibition for Design Crafts, which is still in its infancy, so it is an extra special year for us after so many lock downs and online showcases. The students have certainly risen to the challenge and worked hard to bring you a professional gallery showcase full of experimental ceramics, mixed media, textiles, glass, metal and enamel. 

Students on the course can choose their own direction be it in glass, ceramics, jewellery or a combination of media. Some work is conceptual, some material led, others have strong design and aesthetic sensibilities.  All work however celebrates the love of making and materiality. 

From Emma Martin’s impossibly delicate sugar glass sculptures to Sophia Henry’s innovative glow in the dark hand painted glass discs to raise awareness of endangered species. From Bethany Coram’s dark and curious vessels which contain a range of phobias to Carwyn Llewelyn’s playful brightly coloured ceramic and thread alien artefacts.  We see a textile chain on a room size scale by Sam Mathias as an exploration into obsession and multiples, hundreds of links showing painstaking patience in this labour-intensive work which makes you imagine of jewellery for giants. Kate Scale’s vessels are taken from images of groups of people as she explores notions of inclusion and coming together.  The story continues with Megan Jamieson who dedicated her show to the farm she grew up on, a beautiful celebration of place and memory. Meg works with sustainable materials and dug her own clay from the farm to create her textured vessels, which makes the pieces and their link to place all the more poignant. 

Congratulations to the year of ’22, we wish you luck in your future careers as talented makers, it has been our pleasure to work beside you on this journey. 

The team at Design Crafts and Glass.