For their final year our students engage with three linked modules that form the design studio for the third year. This year the projects were set in the town of Pontypridd:

Studio 3AOur students were given a vacant site, between the river and the high street, close to the new public library in Pontypridd. Students were asked to conduct a town study and produce a masterplan for redeveloping the site. Each student then had to produce of a brief for a building project of their choice, to be located on their masterplan.  

Studio 3B – Students developed the design of their chosen project along with a technical report emphasising the design aims of the project and how it responds to their detailed brief.

Studio 3C – Students develop the technical resolution of their design, developing a coherent design language and construction details.

The schemes featured in the virtual show show a range of building types and a diversity design responses. 

Paul Harries – May 2022